Medicine in Society Guide Malta 2021/22

5. Preparing for placement - Student and Tutor guidance

5.1. Student checklist

To ensure that you are ready to start the placement and access all the resources that you may need please ensure you have reviewed the relevant checklist. 


Tick when completed 

Before placement starts 


Access to QMUL Teams – you will be added to your MedSoc Team; log in and check for any introductory messages/instructions from your GP tutor 


Join a medical defence union e.g., MPS or MDU 

Student membership is free 



Access to Virtual Primary Care (VPC) - you will be sent an email inviting you to register for a VPC account; register and log in prior to the placement starting.  



Find the MedSoc 2021-22 course guide on QMplus – log in to QMplus and locate the MedSoc course guide (under the clinical placements tab); look at the pre-reading and resource for each placement day 


Read introductory post on Teams/email from GP tutor with details of Day 1  



On Day 1 


Read and sign the student learning agreement (SLA) 


Agree group ground rules, routes for contact (Teams, email, WhatsApp etc) and reporting absences (any absences must be reported to your GP tutor and to QMUL via form on QMplus) 



Prior to any onsite attendance  


Complete GP Practice Placement Risk Reduction Checklist, Safe supervision & Low Risk Task List 


If you have any queries, or difficulty in accessing any specific resources, please ask your peers, GP tutor or module administrator/convenors as appropriate.