Topic outline

    • Course Information

      Welcome to Actuarial Mathematics II. This module will build upon Actuarial Maths I from last semester. We will focus on the mathematics that underpins much life assurance and pensions business. The module will use industry examples and applications to illustrate the mathematical concepts being introduced.

      Lectures are at 10am on Mondays and midday Wednesday with a tutorial at 12 noon Tuesday. There will be weekly coursework usually set each Wednesday and due in the following week.

      We begin at 10am on Monday 20th January in Engineering 2.09

    • Week 1: Module Introduction; Expenses in Life Assurance; Gross Loss Variable

    • Week 2: Gross Premiums and Reserves; Joint Life Functions

    • Week 3: Joint Life and Last Survivor contracts

      • Week 4: Contingent Assurances

        • Week 5: Health Insurance and Multiple Transitions

          • Week 6: Multiple Decrements

            • Week 7: Reading Week

              • Week 8: Valuing Pension Fund Benefits

                • Week 9: Projected Cashflow Techniques

                  • Week 10: PROFIT TESTS

                    • Week 11: MORTALITY AND SELECTION

                      • REVISION (week 12)

                        • EXAMINATION PAST PAPERS

                        • Mortality Tables

                          Orange Book Cover For this module, we will be using the tables that are published in the IFoA's "orange book".  Appropriate extracts will be available for download and use on QM+ (reproduced by kind permission of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries).

                          Copies of the book can also be found in the QMUL library.

                          • AM92 File
                          • PMA92/PFA92 Tables File
                          • Example Pension Scheme Table File