• Course information

    This is a new module based on the earlier MTH6100 Actuarial Mathematics module. A good mark in this module can help you towards accreditation from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries CT1 and CT3 exams.

    • Lecture Notes: A full set of printed lecture notes is available on this web page. Weekly handwritten notes will be uploaded after each lecture. The weekly lectures will follow the printed notes, but may differ from them in terms of content, approach and timing.
    • Mid-term Exam: There will be a 40 minute mid-term exam covering material from Chapter 1 of the course (Compound Interest). This will be a combination of multiple choice and longer questions.
    • Final Exam :
      • Two sample papers for MTH5124 are available on this webpage.
      • Final exam paper 2016
    • Open Book Examination
      • You will be able to take 5 A4 pages on your own notes into the exam.
      • For the mid-term you will be able to take one A4 page of your own notes into the exam.
      • Please read the rubric on the front of the example exams carefully.
    • Feedback:
      • Feedback on the material used, the course  and the teaching is welcome.Any comments can be sent to
      • The usual QMUL module feedback will be requested during the module.
    • Coursework:
      • To be updated
      • Tutorials start on....
      • All students are expected to submit coursework on a weekly basis.
      • Sheets and model solutions are available on this web page (model solutions will be made available at the end of each week).
    • Student Engagement
    • FAQs:
      • Is the exam easier as it is open book? NO it is not. However, open book exams are not here to test factual recall.; greater emphasis may be placed on your ability to understand the techniques in the module, to apply them and to interpret the results. Students often think that they can manage with less preparation for open book exams. This is not true! Prepare for an open book exam as you would for any other, taking care over the notes that you prepare to bring into the exam.
  • Mortality Tables

    The tables in this section will be used in Chapters 2 and 3 of the course (mainly weeks 8-12).

  • Week 1

    • Week 2

      • Week 3

        • Week 4

          • Week 5

            • Week 6

              • Week 7

                There will be a mid term examination in Week 7.