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  • Welcome to the Careers area for the School of Business and Management.  This area will give you information on career options, application techniques, how you can improve your employment prospects and gain work experience and graduate job vacancies. 

    See the  Careers & Enterprise website to find out more about the support we offer you or drop in to see us, in WG3 (by the Octagon), Queens Building.  Check our Knowledge Bank on QMPlus for help with job hunting, interviews, psychometric tests and more.

    We offer 20 minute appointments daily, in the Careers & Enterprise centre and Wednesday appointments with Iain McLoughlin in FB 4.28c just for business students. To book please either visit the Careers & Enterprise Centre (WG3 Queens' Building) or telephone us on 0207 882 8533.  


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  • Starting out - welcome and strategy


    Whether you're joining QMUL for the first time, or returning to complete your degree, from everyone in Careers and SBM we send you a very warm welcome. 

    You're an exceptional class and have worked very hard to get in to QMUL, and what nobody has told you, yet, is that you'll need to work even harder to get out! That is, the  process of getting a good job when you graduate starts early, for some it will be in their first year, if applying for Spring Week internships in March and April, and Semester A for second year students applying for summer internships.  The good news is the team in Careers & Enterprise is passionate about helping and supporting you throughout your SBM journey, and any questions however small they may seem, there is somebody in Careers & Enterprise who can help you find the answer. 

    Our brand is your brand

    We’re proud of the QMUL brand and believe in your potential. and we're here because we love what we do and will work hard to support you in your career strategy. But, the process is competitive and you're competing with students from other top universities for limited places, and for some of the most sought after jobs. So, a key success factor in achieving your Plan A or Plan B  will be the level of your engagement and effort you put in, and the extent to which you partner with Careers & Enterprise to achieve these goals and plans.  

    When you apply for graduate jobs recruiters look for evidence of transferable skills gained from your course, professional work experience and interest outside of your studies. It may seem challenging to balance study and involvement in extracurricular activities, but read our 'What to do and when' page, here, to help identify the steps that will be most effective for you.

    Be ambitious but be realistic

    While there are many graduate opportunities within large companies there are excellent openings in SMEs, Small and Medium sized Enterprises. You'll meet representatives from the biggest companies and also SMEs at careers fairs and other events we host. Look out for smaller, specialist workshops and presentations focused on sectors many SBM students are keen to enter, details of which are in our weekly emails and newsletters, and make sure to register your career interests on QMUL Target Connect, our jobs and CRM platform.  

    Watch this  video to hear from other students about the on-campus and work experiences that they've completed:



    • Internships and Work Experience

      Internships and work experience are excellent ways to gain experience in the sector or function you're interested applying to in the future. In some sectors, for example Finance, a summer internship, often in the second year of study or a Spring Week placement in the first year demonstrates enthusiasm and motivation as well as offering a valuable insight and hands-on experience recruiters like to see from good candidates.

      Many organisations consider an internship as the first stage in their selection process. There's intense competition and similar application and selection processes as for full-time graduate jobs. Maximize your chances of being offered an interview by using all the resources in Careers & Enterprise and in our Knowledge Bank

      We’ve produced this leaflet Internships and Work experience and for more information have a look at these links: experience and internships

      Careers & Enterprise place over 1000 students a year into a range of internship and work experience programmes. By participating in our award-winning programmes you gain experience and build networks in large companies, SMEs, start-ups, charities and in roles on-campus.

      • QTemps – supports students into part-time temporary work on campus and with company's who are local to QMUL
      • QInterns - paid part-time or full-time three month summer and graduate internships
      • QConsult – an award-winning programme where teams of students take on a consultancy project for a business or charity and are paid for their work.
      • QProjects – an award-winning programme designed to enhance your CV through projects with local charities. Previous delegates have designed and run marketing campaigns, designed and built websites, analysed data and researched, wrote and submitted funding bids.
      • QInsight - Civil Service Fast Stream - explore graduate opportunities within the Civil Service, while meeting staff, practising their recruitment methods and receiving feedback on your performance.  
      • QTaster - learn about different career sectors by meeting and networking with graduate employers and tackling interactive business challenges.

      For more information about all programmes visit: 

      Apply by 10 am Monday 3rd September (Semester A) 


      QMentoring schemes match students with QM alumni and industry mentors for 3-6 months and are designed so the mentee grows in confidence and gains career direction. QMentoring can also be a route in to gaining work experience while offering an introduction to the professional networks needed to secure permanent work after graduation.  

      The School of Business & Management has a dedicated Internships Coordinator, Helen Green who manages exclusive internships opportunities for Business & Management students.  These opportunities range from small start-up businesses to large corporate organisations.  All these opportunities are posted on the QM Careers website and will also be announced in the QMPlus information zone. Keep a watchful eye out for all of them.

      Because you don’t see an internship advertised it doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t exist, they just may not place an advert with us. Be creative and reach out to companies directly as many organisations need good applicants throughout the year.  

      Here are a few more websites that specifically deal with internships and work experience

      Finally, for all help and support when completing an application form, or if you want to talk about your next steps, book an appointment to see the SBM careers consultant, Iain McLoughlin here

      For any questions around internships contact Helen Green,, Internships Coordinator, School of Business & Management

      • SBM QConsult

        Recruiters expect candidates to show a high level of competence to solve complex business issues, and they'll also look for evidence of leadership, personal impact, drive and aspiration. QConsult is a unique opportunity to participate in a live consultancy project and develop these competencies. Additionally, you'll have time to master other skills such as  group work and networking and evidence them on your CV, application and through an interview.

        Over 10 weeks you and your team will look for and recommend solutions to a business issue. You'll learn to identify key issues, prioritise and formulate an initial hypothesis or hypotheses, and begin to articulate the approach your client should take for a successful solution. This means asking the correct questions, collecting qualitative and quantitative evidence  and making clear recommendations; an approach typical to that used by consultants.
        QConsult is an excellent  way to boost work experience alongside studies and the recommendations made to clients at the end of previous QConsult projects have been acted upon by departments across SBM and QMUL.  So, whether you're interested in working in consulting or looking at other sectors you'll find QConsult an excellent means to explore career plans and gain relevant experience. 

        Students who've undertaken QConsult projects are now working for IBM, Barclays Corporate, Bloomberg and for Queen Mary UL.

         "I found QConsult very helpful and gained valuable skills many recruiters are looking for. The project I worked on was for the  IT department on campus and as a result of this programme and what I learned I'm joining Bloomberg as an Application Specialist responsible for supporting clients' with their navigation and use of the Bloomberg Terminal. I'd highly recommend this project as it enabled me develop and then evidence my skills." 

        • Starting a business or social business

          Students with headphonesQueen Mary Careers & Enterprise provides students and recent graduates with a range of support for their entrepreneurial ideas:

          Seed funding – students and recent graduates (up to one year) can apply for up to £5000 of funding through our ‘Try It’ and ‘Grow It’ awards, with opportunities to apply each semester.

          1-to-1 enterprise appointments – book in an appointment via the Careers & Enterprise Centre in the Queens’ Building to get advice about developing your business idea. Whatever stage your idea is at we can meet with you and help you to develop it.

          Mentors – we’ll try to match you with a mentor from a local start-up to support you through the early stages of setting up your business.

          Workspace – students can work on their businesses in the Qube, an on-site bookable space in the Francis Bancroft building.

          Workshops – check our website to book onto our practical workshops including business plan writing, pitching, cashflow, and marketing, run each semester.


          Competitions – look out for competitions run throughout the year that provide sponsorship to attend external enterprise events. 

          Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) - international students with a credible business idea and relevant entrepreneurial skills can apply for endorsement from Queen Mary to stay in the UK under a Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Immigration Permission.

          For more details visit

          To sign up to these events and more visit:

          • First Year Welcome, September 2018

            These are the slides I used during my introduction on Tuesday 18 September 2018.

            iain McLoughlin

          • Postgraduate Welcome, September 2018