Topic outline

    • General Information

      Lectures (2019): Tuesday 14:00-16:00, Math Building: MB-203 (week 1- week 12)
      Tutorials (2019):  Wednesday 15:00 - 16:00, Graduate Ctr: GC604 (week 2 - week12).
      Tutorials start on week 2. Week 7: reading week, no lecture and tutorial. Week 12: revision week.

      Office Hours:
      Tuesday 13:00-14:00 (Jan. to April, 2020) in Math Building,
      (Benjamin Schäfer: MB-202, Christian Beck: MB-121)

      Lecture Notes: The typed lecture notes will be available prior to each lecture. 

      Recordings: Recorded lectures are available here:

      Coursework: There will be 10 coursework sheets in total.
      1. Coursework sheets will be available prior to each lecture ( week n).
      2. The corresonding sheet will be discussed in the tutorial the week after ( week n+1).  
      3. Afterwards, you can solve all tutorial problems alone or together as a team.

      For example, the first course work sheet will be given in the lecture of week 1 and partially discusssed in week 2. The last course work will given in the lecture of week 11 and discussed in week 12.

      Assessment: Total credit for this course is 100% final examination, which covers all teaching materials.

      Calculators are not permitted in this examination. The unauthorised use of a calculator constitutes an examination offence. Complete all rough work in the answer book and cross through any work that is not to be assessed. Possession of unauthorised material at any time when under examination conditions is an assessment offence and can lead to expulsion from QMUL. Check now to ensure you do not have any unauthorised notes, mobile phones, smartwatches or unauthorised electronic devices on your person. If you do, raise your hand and give them to an invigilator immediately. It is also an offence to have any writing of any kind on your person, including on your body. If you are found to have hidden unauthorised material elsewhere, including toilets and cloakrooms, it will be treated as being found in your possession. Unauthorised material found on your mobile phone or other electronic device will be considered the same as being in possession of paper notes. A mobile phone that causes a disruption in the exam is also an assessment offence.

      • Week 1

      • Week 2

      • Week 3

      • Week 4

      • Week 5

      • Week 6

      • Week 7 - Reading Week

      • Week 8

      • Week 9

      • Week 10

      • Week 11

      • Week 12 (Revision)

        • Final Exam

          Examinable material: Class notes.

          Duration: 3 hrs.
          Grade boundaries: Standard QM Maths.

          It is prohibited to use electronic devices, e.g. calculators or mobile phones, or to share material with other students.

          The use of  any printed material, e.g. books, any handwritten notes, and photocopies of any kind, is prohibited.


          You should attempt all questions. Marks awarded are shown next to the question.

          Assessment ratio splits

          100% final exam

          • Recordings