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  • Essential Maths

    Here we collect material to allow the students to test and improve their basic maths skills.

    In the first year of the Physics Programmes, students attend two maths modules (Mathematical Techniques I and II). These module require a knowledge in essential maths that cannot be reviewed, but needs to be assumed. This include arithmetic, algebra, exponentials, logarithms, and trigonometry.

    Revision material

    We include here some material that cover those essential concepts together with extensive exercises:

    • essential arithmetic and essential algebra: web-book from Franco Vivaldi (QMUL)
    • exponentials and logarithms: review by David Arrowsmith (QMUL)
    • trigonometry: review by Richard Donnison (QMUL)

    Tutorial classes

    To prepare for the essential maths exam described below, tutorials are organised on:

    • Wednesdays between 10-11am in Queens’ Building, room EB1

    Classes will be conducted by Professor David Arrowsmith, or Dr Marcella Bona or a selection of graduate students.


    Students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge with an essential maths exam.

    • Exams will be organised [to be confirmed]:
      • in week 6: Thursday 15/02, 9-11am, People's Palace PP2
      • in week 9: Thursday 08/03, 9-11am, Graduate Ctr 201
      • in week 11: Thursday 22, 9-11am, People's Palace PP2
    • rooms are now confirmed
    • the exam is passed if 10 answers are correct over the 15 exercises proposed.
    • no calculators are permitted at the exam
    • students who attend the exam will get 2 points added to their final homework mark (equivalent to 2% in the final mark)
    • students who also pass the exam will have an additional point added to their final homework mark
    • however the maximum of the homework mark will necessarily be capped at 20% as per regulations

    • Class Pictures

      At the end of term, every year I try to take a class picture. Not all the students are thrilled by the idea but I hope it can be seen as a good memory for your next years..

    • Students' comments

      I will collect here the comments I receive and my replies to them, in case it can be useful for educating both the lecturer and the students.

      2015-2016: Official complaint on the 2016 May exam by the 2015-2016 first year undergraduates (40 of them). The file below contains the original points of the complaint and my official replies to them.