• General Information

    Lecture Notes 

    There will be reasonably full lecture notes for the module.  These will be released in 6–8 parts at intervals of 1–2 weeks.  The notes are heavily based on notes created by Peter Cameron, and I am indebted to him for making these available.  Each chapter will appear first as a draft.  We'll revise the notes as the module progresses, and a final version will appear when the relevant material has been covered.

    The lectures will provide some leisurely expansion of the more challenging parts of the syllabus, together with motivational material, examples, etc. 

    Relationship to Linear Algebra I

    • Particularly near the beginning of the module, we'll be reviewing material from Linear Algebra I,a and we'll move briskly while doing this.
    • Sometimes we'll be expanding on material from Linear Algebra I, e.g., by supplying proofs.
    • Sometimes we'll be coming at familiar concepts from a different, often more abstract, direction.
    • Often we'll be exploring new territory.

    Format of the examination paper

    The rubric will be the similar to last year, i.e., "answer all five questions".

    Engagement monitoring 

    Engagement will be monitored in line with the School's Student Engagement Policy

    Further reading

    If you would like to pursue this topic in further depth, I suggest reading Sheldon Axler, Linear Algebra Done Right (3rd edition), Springer-Verlag, 2015. ISBN 978-3-319-11079-0.

  • Week 5

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                • Revision - Final Exam

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                  •  Solutions to the 2016 Degree Examination File
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