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    Find it! Use it! Reference it! : The Workshops

     The Library is offering another series of workshops to taught Science and Engineering students. These hands-on workshops will take place in the Training Room in the Mile End Library on Tuesday and Thursday Lunch time during 5 weeks. Every week there is a new theme, please make sure you book yourself on the session you really want attend. If you cannot make a workshop but still need help, email, and we can make other arrangements for support.


    Many of the skills addressed in the workshops are already covered during the embedded sessions with your Faculty Liaison Librarian. However, this is your chance to get a deeper understanding and review your previously acquired knowledge.

     Each workshop is open to 40 students from the whole of Science and Engineering.

     To avoid disappointments, book your place now:

    Seminars and events

    Tuesday, 21 March 13:00 – 14:00 

    Seminar Evolution and Ecology

    Fogg Building, 3.15 

    Thursday, 23 March 13:00 – 14:00

    Unlocking the secrets of the genome in Madagascar’s mouse lemurs to infer human impacts on a changing landscape

    Where: Fogg Lecture Hall, GE Fogg Building

    Speaker: Professor Anne Yoder (Duke University)

    The Bevan Lecture

    Part of the Organismal Biology and Biological and Experimental Psychology Seminar Series:

    All welcome

    Friday, 24 March 12:30 – 13:30

    The RSC Robert Robinson Award Lecture - Chemistry and Biochemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar

    Fogg Lecture Hall, GE Fogg Building

    Speaker: Thomas Hoye (University of Minnesota)

    Title TBC

    Part of the Chemistry and Biochemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar Series

    All welcome

    Friday, 24 March 13:00 – 14:00

    PhD first year talks

    Graduate Centre, room GC 2.03 (map)

    Find out what our first year PhD students are working on, including project aims and research methods. All welcome.

    Jacob Dinner (supervisor Axel Rossberg) - Spatially explicit theoretical community ecology

    Tim Penny (supervisor Lee Henry) - The role of beneficial microbes in insect adaptation

    Patricia Paulausky (supervisor Alan McElligott) - Using vocalisations to assess cattle welfare

    Hanrong Tan (supervisor Andrew Hirst) - Environmental patterns of body shape and its role in physiological functions

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