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    Welcome to QMplus - Queen Mary's new online learning environment. This page contains general information relating to your studies on modules and programmes run by the School of Biological & Chemical Sciences.

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    Evaluations for those modules delivered this semester (i.e. semester B modules and any modules which span semesters A and B) are now open in the Control Panel. Your feedback is crucial in ensuring we can develop and evolve modules to ensure that they remain current and effective. Evaluations will obviously remain open until the end of the semester, so we very much hope you'll find time over the next few weeks to give us your opinions and feedback. The time that you devote to completing these module evalulations is, as always, very much appreciated. Thank you!

    Student Handbook

    The 2013/14 SBCS student handbook is now available.

    Although the handbook is aimed at first-year students, it contains information that is relevant to all SBCS students.

    Download a copy ..