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    Welcome to the Special Subject Hub!


    The Special Subjects and the attached dissertation are the crowning achievement of your Undergraduate degree in History.


    In order to allow you to make an informed choice of the module that most fits your interests and skills, you will find here a clear and expansive descriptions of each of the special subjects on offer at Queen Mary next year. We have asked the organizers of the eight Special subjects on offer next year to provide an extended description of the module, where they explain in detail the topics covered in the module, as well as to possible topics or pathways for dissertations.  These expanded module descriptions are available online and will be bound together in a hard-copy ‘special subject directory’. Organizers added images, and one also made an audio recording.


    You will also have the chance to hear the organizers of the Special subjects make brief presentations on Tuesday,  26th February, 5-7:30. Each module organizer will take 5-7 minutes to present her/his module.  It will be followed by reception to allow students to talk to the module organizers informally. We aim to capture the presentations on Q-review and – but please do not miss this opportunity.


    Module organizers who are not on leave will also offer extended office hours in weeks 9 and 10 of this term to meet with students.

  • HST6108 Saladin, Richard the Lionheart & the Third Crusade

  • HST6207 English and British Political Culture c1595-1606 and the Accession of King James I

  • HST6209 Behind Closed Doors: Houses, Interiors and Domestic Life, c. 1660-c1830

  • HST6346 The Pursuit of Happiness? The Creation of American Capitalism

  • HST6308 The French Civil War 1934-1944

  • HST6342 British Cinema and the Second World War: Propaganda, Myth and Memory

  • HST6343 The "Heart of Darkness"? Identity, Power, and Politics in the Congo, c.1870-2010

  • HST6344 Making Thatcher's Britain: The Thatcher Revolution, 1975-1997